Spring is the perfect time to consider home maintenance projects. With the wet and warm months around the corner, it is time to make a home improvement checklist. After the severe weather in winter, you will notice the toll the weather may have caused to your home. Moreover, the structural integrity of your home should be uncompromised during the coming summer season. How will you choose the projects for this spring? Well, it is good to start with the projects that have more to do with what you have in existence. Besides curbing appeal, home improvement can help you avoid costly damages. Here are the perfect home improvement projects for a home makeover that will add value to your home.

Roof Repair

Inspecting your roof for your spring home improvement checklist is very important. The roof in your home is very crucial when it comes to the security of your household and property. Even a small leak can lead to great damage indoors. Inspect your roof for curling, peeling, missing shingles or any other roof problem and fix it. Don’t ignore any small problem because it can easily turn into a bigger one and cause costly damage. While you may be able to handle small problems yourself, it is better to leave professionals to handle larger issues.

Clean Windows and Inspect for Damage

Spring is the ideal time to clean the outside of your windows. This is a project that will only require time and effort which is less to ask for. You will start a new season with clear windows. Remember to inspect for broken window panes. The freezing temperatures along with strong winds in winter may have caused your window panes to crack. Replace broken window panes and consider painting the windows.

Update Your Siding

While you were inside your home keeping warm during winter, your exterior was bearing with the harsh weather. The harsh weather may have caused loosening or warping of the sidings. Besides protecting your house from harsh weather, your siding also adds value to your home. Let your home be professionally inspected and replaced. When choosing a siding material, always consider reliability, energy efficiency, ongoing maintenance, cost, and environmental responsibility.

Replace or Upgrade Your Gutters

The gutters in your home are very important for drainage of rainwater. While helping in the transfer of water and drainage, they help in maintaining the structural integrity of your home. During winter, the gutters may become clogged with leaves or have leaks. When gutters get clogged, they can cause the accumulation of water beneath the roof line and seep into the basement. Clear and replace gutters to keep water flowing and avoid rusts and leaks.  

Air Conditioning Inspection

Summer is the period you may need the air conditioner more than ever. Have your air conditioning system inspected ahead of the hot weather. Regular inspection of your air conditioning not only save you energy but also extends its lifetime.

Fixing Your Lawn

The constant rain and snow during winter can cause a mess in your lawn. As the days warm up, it is an opportunity for you to make your lawn be in good shape. Consider raking, seed the dead spots and pull out weeds. Make sure you have a green and beautiful lush as summer approaches.



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